The biggest question for first time firearm purchasers are…. Hand gun or Long gun? Pistol or Revolver? Shotgun or Rifle? Any gun is better than no gun when faced with an intruder, but some are better choices than others when it come to home-defense.

Pistols and Revolvers

Most pistols are semi-automatic and are easier to shoot than revolvers, although they are much more complicated to operate. Revolvers, especially the Taurus Judge or the Smith & Wesson Governor, are very viable for home-defense weapons because they can use either .410 shotgun shells or .45 Long Colt ammo.

Shotguns and Rifles

The shotgun is considered to be the ultimate home-defense weapon. While very effective there are some drawbacks to using a shotgun in your home. A shotgun is designed to be operated with two hands for accuracy. This makes is more difficult to move about the house with ease. The “scatter of the pellets” could also be a major concern. Rifles, AR-15 and others, are very popular right now, but cost considerably more and still have issues with size and ammo availability.

All in all, no matter which gun you choose, become familiar with it. If you shoot it regularly, a firearm can save the lives of you and your family.


Hand guns come in two basic types- Pistols and Revolvers. Revolvers, like the Smith & Wesson Airweight or the Ruger LCR, have a visible rotating cylinder that holds 5 or 6 rounds of ammunition. Pistols are almost always semi-automatic. These include the Bersa Thunder .380 and any of the Glocks. Pistols hold the ammunition in an internal magazine and generally hold more rounds than a revolver.

How you carry your self-defense weapon is more important than which gun you choose. If you can not access your gun quickly and easily, you might as well not have a gun at all. Holsters, either inside or outside the pants on the waist, seem to be the best option since they are quick and have easy access. Other options include carrying in your pocket, purse or fanny pack. A firearm should always be holstered not matter which way you decide to carry.


There are many factors to consider while choosing the right firearm for competition shooting. Factors such as what type of competitions and which division you plan to compete in, action type, and holster availability. We cater to all IDPA, USPSA, ICORE and Steel Challenge competition shooters. Our inventory ranges from basic Glocks to race guns that are custom made to your shooting ability and level.

Class 3

Class 3 weapons, also known as NFA weapons, are machine guns, short barrel shotguns, short barrel rifles, and sound suppressors.

A machine gun is any gun that can fire more than one shot with a single pull of the trigger. Short barrel shotguns are any shotgun with a barrel length of less than 18” or an overall length of 26”. Short barrel rifles, similar to short barrel shotguns, have a barrel length is less than 16”, while the overall length is also 26”.

A sound suppressor or silencer is any device for muffling the sound of the gunshot. We carry brands such as Silencer Co. and Gemtec. We also sell rifles that the entire barrel is suppressed.

About / Contact

We are Downtown Deland’s premier gun dealer. Our business is focused on customer service, fair prices and returning customers. The focus of our store is home and self defense. We carry the most popular lines of concealable pistols and revolvers like Glock, Ruger, FNH, Smith & Wesson, and many more. We also carry tactical carbine rifles and shotguns for home defense.

We also carry a full line Dillon Precision reloading tools, powder, brass, bullets or anything you may need for your reloading supplies. Come see why we are not your typical gun store, we are shooting enthusiast selling quality products to other shooting enthusiast. Our ammunition prices are well under the market rate yet we carry the highest quality. We offer the most comprehensive Concealed Carry class in the state of Florida.

Concealed Carry Class

All classes are taught by Sean Beery (owner Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club).

All necessary paper work provided.

Instructor makes sure all paperwork is filled out CORRECTLY!

(if it’s not filled out correctly it will be kicked back and delay your permit)

Police Officer will be here doing fingerprinting

Passport Picture will be taken and processed during class

Classroom session is roughly 4 hours

The following day you will have access to Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club for the shooting portion. Please note, this is not a class where you go and squeeze off a few rounds and off you go. Sean will actually teach you firearm safety, shooting skills, loading and unloading, stress situations, and basic gun mechanics. You will be completely comfortable with your gun skills when you leave this class!

If you don’t have a firearm, we can provide one for you. The ammo will be an additional charge, you will need about 50 rounds.

You will have full access to the range once class is done.

Transfers - $25